My Life Is My Clients...

As you might expect, I have had intuitive flashes, a sense of "knowing", sinc                                                                     I was a very young child. I had a traditional upbringing with a close knit                                                                           family, many of whom also were known to be very intuitive themselves. In 1981
I began to explore my abilities in earnest. I took classes and read all that I
could get my hands on, as I do to this very day. Flowing along my life path, it
has been my pleasure to have experienced one synchronistic event after the next.
I started doing psychic and astrology readings for clients, teaching classes                                                                         and doing psychic fairs in 1983. I did my first live stage show as a psychic in
1985 on the "Denver Tonight Show" with Steve Steitch at the Sheraton Hotel.
On this show, I would stand on stage and do live readings for members of the audience.
It was my regular appearances on the "Denver Tonight Show" that led me to my
first radio "appearance" on Denver's Q-103FM morning show with "The Coach"
(Rick Marshall) and Jack Regan in 1985. At that time, I was also a regular guest on
KOA 850AM with Rick Barber doing talk radio from Midnight to 5am,                                                                             taking calls from the 38 state region that this station reached at night. It
was here that I developed a nationwide clientele that has grown even further by
word of mouth.
I went on to also host my own weekly cable television show "Psychic Dimensions"
from 1985 to 1989 where I would interview guests in "new age" fields and then
we'd take live calls from the viewing audience where they could ask the guest
or myself, a question.
My passion deals with issues relating to relationships. For what is life without
relationships? Be they co-workers, bosses, clients, and neighbors, the relationships
with our mothers, fathers, children, our friendships and those most challenging,
our love interests. In fact, one could say that my truest passion is in dealing with
the quest so many of us feel: to find our Soul Mates and Twin Flames, and then
what to do and what to expect when we find them!
I've studied and taught on a diverse number of topics including the following,
in no particular order:
                                                                     Psychic Development
                                                                     Clairvoyance Astrology
                                                                     (I love astrology)
                                                  Positive Thinking
                                                  NLP, Neuro-Linguistic
                                                  Educational Kinesiology
                              Past Life Regression
                              ESP, The Silva Method
                              Karma-Past Lives
                              Energy/Light Body work
                              (very beautiful)
The list is always expanding as I go down life's path, learning and growing and
passing that knowledge and wisdom to my clients.
My radio experience has included the following:
                                1985-1987 Denver's Q-103FM Morning Show with "The Coach & Jack Regan"
                                1985-1988 and 2006-present Denver's 850AM KOA with Rick Barber
                                1994-2002 St Louis' Y98FM Morning Show
                                1988-2003 Denver's KXKL "Kool 105FM" Morning Show
                                2010-2018 El Paso's KISS FM Morning Show
Some of the various radio personalities and program directors I've worked with have included:
  • Rick Marshall "The Coach"
  • J.J. McKay
  • Rick Barber
  • Shawn Stevens
  • Steve Cassidy
  • Chris Hoffman
  • Sky Walker
  • Michelle Dibble
  • Jackie Brown
  • Scott Douglas
  • Jack Regan
  • Paxton Mills
  • Guy Phillips
  • Chris Elliott
    I could go on and on, but I think this gives you some insight into who I am.
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    With Light and Love to you,

    Jeannie Wilson