With Love

All of my appointments are done by phone.

Soul Reading - $155

Astrology Reading - $155

In this reading, we spend an hour exploring why your soul has chosen to be embodied at this place and time. Definitely a must for anyone who wants to get in touch with their true life purpose. The goal is to achieve balance and happiness in your life. This deep session focuses on what your KARMA (life lessons) are in this life. Why did your soul come to Earth? What do you need to accomplish as a soul? How can you succeed? We will also explore your past lives in this reading, and how those events effect your current situation. 

In this session, we spend an hour reviewing your natal chart. What's a natal chart you ask? A natal chart is a calculation of where the planets were at the exact time of your birth. From this chart, we can extrapolate your personality, likes, dislikes, talents, aptitudes, goals in life, best career choices, and so on. EVERYONE should have this done at least once in their lifetime in order to better understand their own personality, and motivations. The Astrology Reading can also be used to analyze how the current placement of the planets is effecting you personally. 

Energy Reading - $155

Predictive Counseling - $155

We will spend an hour exploring the energetic depths of your soul. All of life in nothing but energy being converted and exchanged between various forms. On the higher, energetic planes, all of us are present, and conciously aware of what's going on in the physical world. Much like talking to the other side to loved ones who have past, those living have access to the same realm. This session will help you refocus on what matters, and will assist in giving you enlightenment.

This is the most commonly thought of Psychic reading. We will spend one hour reviewing predictions and intuitive counseling on your love life, family, career, spirituality, and health. We can focus on as little as the next year, to as much as the next five!